December 22, 2008

surprise surprise

"Could Ashanti be the next celebrity to pose nude in Playboy Magaine. Well that’s what is hearing. For months, we’ve been hearing that Playboy has been pursuing Ashanti – even offering her a six figure contract to pose.

And last Friday, Ashanti confirmed that she’s considering it. learned that duing an interview with NY radio personality Angie Martinez, Ashanti claimed that she was “considering” Playboy’s offer.

But Ashanti did leave a few caveats. Ashanti explained, “I would never get naked and show everything. But you know how they do campaigns where it’s tasteful … artistic.”

Ashanti … our advice to you. Get that paper while their still offering it…"

not surprised.. that's where irrelevant 'celebs' always go when they're needing a lil publicity. see: kim kardashian

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